Puisi Bahasa Inggris Terbaru 2015

Puisi Bahasa Inggris - Menyikapi kesulitan-kesulitan dalam menemukan Puisi Bahasa Inggris, kami memutuskan buat untuk mempublikasikan sekian banyak puisi bahasa inggris yang berasal dari bermacam sumber untuk kamu seluruh. Bahasa Inggris tetap jadi daya tarik penting satu buah karya sastra, barangkali dikarenakan bahasa inggris adalah lingua franca yang tidak jarang diperdengarkan diseluruh penjuru dunia. Sekian Banyak karya sastra berbahasa inggris ternyata lebih bisa menarik ketertarikan penduduk di bandingkan bersama karya sastra yang memakai bahasa ibu bangsanya masing-masing. Begitu-pun bersama puisi, Puisi Bahasa Inggris lebih digemari dari pada puisi berbahasa lain. Tapi sangat disayangkan, penduduk tetap sedikit kesusahan menemukan sumber-sumber baik dari sarana cetak ataupun alat sosial didunia maya yang berisi puisi-puisi berbahasa inggris. Berikut ulasannya :

Puisi Bahasa Inggris
Puisi Bahasa Inggris Terbaru 2015

Your choice

by Mrunmayi Mandan

Helplessness, nervousness, tumbling down,
You could only feel till you touch the ground,
Everything and everywhere, exuberance or despair,
You control and you decide from your toe to your hair, 
You can change the world you are in,
You can fly without wings or swim with no fins,
Your fate has been molded by your palms,
You can fill it with either pleasure or harms,
Rudeness, disharmony, nuisance and noise,
Your behavior is according to your choice,
Hurt, kill, harm or just run away,
The future changes through the way, 
No one can turn up your pleasant time,
Till you chain yourself in endless crime,
Remorse, crying and weeping hard,
Are the circumstances of the latter part,
But the decision is yours, how to prove 
You can be the nest with your every move,
Quit all the bunkum and quaff the wisdom,
Win power and build a knowledge kingdom,
Creep low from the things that hack the heads,
Be polite in speech an consider the instead,
Possess a strong will and a brawny brain, 
Then look how you could keep up in the strongest rain,
Don’t aim for the sky, target the thing beyond,
From the deadliest hells then you could abscond.
No one can keep you away from wealth,
Till you train your mind and mend your health,
Believe in truth and god and behave with poise,
Because, after all, winning is by your choice.

From:  Mrunmayi Mandan
Copyright ©:  Fire agate

Flowers Love

by Biswanath Nanda

A day butterfly puzzled around a pretty flower.
To sip a nectar of love from her.
Her sip aroused a foreseen plinth of own-ness.
Butterfly fluttered and fluttered gazing the sweet flower.
Flower held him strong and danced with the air.
They swung and loved they laughed and played.
The breeze cuddled them together.
They socked in rain but lived together.
Their love was unseen but a click to be felt.
A little time to spend but a dearer time together.
Lighting felt and drew them apart.
Butterfly yet could live but his love made him slick.
She shed her petals and wept.
The weep made them to believe a string knot together.
Butterfly slept on her eye drinking the nectar of love
Together they drew the lines of life
The moments they felt perhaps faint all the rays they saw alone.

From:  bhuban.baby@gmail.com
Copyright ©:  Biswanath


by Carl Letscher

Invest in time and write in lies,
likely truth without a clue,
so without further ado,
welcome thee that was meant to be,
shall start to see the path unfold,
a tale that was never told,
seem but a dream, when in fact reality,
For better or worse, is this a gift or a curse?
The eyes are open nor can you see,
that in this state I'm not me,
T'was like this from the start,
now addicted to this warm feeling in the heart,
like a cold hand in a glove,
But what is Love?

What Is Love?

by Scarlett Maldonado

What Is Love?

For what is love, but hearts torn asunder
Emotions dancing in the pale moonlight
The illusion of love that pulls us under
Yet longing so strong, our hearts ignite

How can something be so simple, yet so perplex?
That makes us frail, but powerful
Our souls it does vex

It brings delight, but also fright
That it can fail, and burn to ashes
It weaves itself into our very blood
Seeps through our many gashes

Pain replaces jubilation
Replaces it with melancholy
What once was elation
Becomes a dark misery

My memory of you is better than you

by Miriam Calleja

My memory of you is better than you
Rose-tinted heart-shaped
Running through the streets drunk and laughing
You could barely catch up with me
You – the matchstick to my fire
Inflamed by proximity
You – whose dullness by day was musical in nature
But silent
My fire doused in yours and dancing
In my living room drove a hole in the ground
Awake, walking out of the sea
On summer solstice
The problems of immortals sliding down my skin
I could barely hold your head in my hands –
It was so large and heavy like stone
With a thousand poems inside
And a thousand drunks
How could I ever expect to hold you in my life?

From:  Miriam Calleja
Copyright ©:  Miriam Calleja

Bahasa Inggris yaitu bahasa yang ditetapkan dan juga yang merupakan penghubung semua bangsa, maka tak ada salahnya seandainya kita menggali ilmu bahasa inggris, setidaknya untuk kebaikan kita sendiri. Untuk maksud yang lebih banyak lagi, bisa jadi kita mampu menginginkan bahasa inggris dapat turut juga berperan aktif memajukan bangsa kita. Mudah-mudahan Puisi Bahasa Inggris di atas mampu berguna bagi kamu sekalian dan mampu menolong kamu dalam mengerjakan pekerjaan sekolah ataupun pekerjaan kuliah. Silahkan SHARE atau LIKE apabila kalian menyukai Postingan Puisi Bahasa Inggris di atas. Selamat membaca... Happy Good Reading...
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